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The Power of Interval Training

Today nearly half of Americans live a sedentary lifestyle almost 80 percent of us don’t get enough exercise. It's no wonder the US is continually called out for facing an obesity epidemic. Despite that, the facts of the benefits of exercise are clear. Working out improves your mood, your overall health, reduces inflammation and increases longevity, and increases your feeling of energy and zest for life.

But another fact about exercise that many of us want to ignore is that working out isn't easy - it takes hard work and effort. Many of us who belong to gyms and go regularly find ourselves on treadmills thinking that we're working out, but never pushing ourselves enough to have real effects on our bodies and health.

Interval training improves our overall fitness levels and the ability of our bodies to utilize oxygen. The more oxygen we use, the more calories we burn Increases post-exercise fat burning, and calorie expenditure even at rest or sleep. Interval training also allows you to exercise for less time while achieving greater fitness, weight loss, and brain health benefits. And it naturally increases levels of brain-function-enhancing chemicals in your body, and improves insulin function, which promotes fat burning, muscle building and optimal brain function.

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